Melody Medicine: Marie, Marie, Marie

Music is one of my greatest passions. It could even be my greatest passion. To me, music helps soothe the moments in my life that I need comfort with and it expresses emotions I’m not sure I can express myself. Here is today’s:


Marie, Marie, Marie – The DVM Band



With nothing to do and nothing really interesting going on in my life, for me, this week this song has actually made me reminisce over previous moments in my life rather than tailor to events of the now. You know, that moment when you’re completely and utterly obsessed with someone and stalk their Facebook. But actually what’s funny for me about this song is it actually reminds me of an ex-friend of mine, who used to be quite obsessed with me and stalk me on Facebook.  And would have a tendency to not only tell me about it, but remind me. Hence the ‘ex-friend’ and not ‘friend’. -Shudder- Plus the action man featured in the video really nails the situation on the spot, I mean the guy was a complete tool and was equally as childish and as regular as an action man! You know the saying ‘Guys, they are all the same.’ (They are not all the same, its just the majority seem to be) But this is why this song is so darn perfect!  The DVM Band are not a band that everyone has heard of, but rather locally popular. This doesn’t remove the hype for me when a new single of theirs gets released  – not because I want to become a hipster, but i’m genuinely a fan. This song in particular had me in huge giggles over the video with the action man! and the song kinda reminded me of a bit of Madness mixed with a little Arctic Monkeys.

For a song to reminisce over moments when that guy or girl has been completely obsessed with your existence or vice versa – this song is the one.

Tip: Watch you don’t press the ‘like’ button by accident during crucial stalking scenarios,

Whim xoxo


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