Songs of Empowerment

As some of you may know, music is a big part of my life. So I thought to do something a bit different and special – here is a list of songs of empowerment, something that helps me in my darker times and could help you too.

I think music plays a big part in everyone’s lives, but certain lyrics and tunes just seem to stick, manipulate our feelings and thoughts. When I’m having a bad spell, I always turn to one of the following songs of empowerment that just completely change my mood. In short, they make me feel confident, badass and unstoppable. Note: these are in no particular order.

1. Grown Woman – Beyoncé.

I love Beyoncé because she makes me feel powerful. That’s one thing that comes across in her music more than anything and her songs can completely change my mood if I listen to the right song. Suffering from anxiety usually means on a bad day I won’t listen to music, which is entirely unlike me considering I listen to it pretty much ALL the time wherever I go out and when I’m at home. But whenever I snap out of it and break the silence Beyoncé is usually the 1st to come on. Grown Woman is a song that makes me proud to be growing up. It makes me feel like my experiences in life growing up have made me the best version of me. It certainly makes me value the positive sides of me growing up and lets me look on them as experience and lessons learnt rather than in a negative way. “I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want!”

2. Happy – Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina and the Diamonds is extremely talented. Her voice is incredibly beautiful, but this song has something special to it. This song came out and I saw it as a wake up call. “I found what I’ve been looking for in myself, found a life worth living for someone else, never thought that I could be, I could be, HAPPY.” This is what I imagine overcoming anxiety to feel like. This song is like a breath of fresh air – it describes a pinnacle moment where you can stop and think, “this is it, I’ve found peace within myself.” I look forward to if that day ever comes for me. If it doesn’t, I can confidently say the day did come when I thought “things have to change.” this song defines that day.

3. Thank You – Jamelia 

This song makes me think positively about certain people in my life, or even of my past, that may have done and said things that were never particularly very nice or hurt me in any way. I know this song particularly refers to abuse, but to me I feel like it speaks truth about all sorts of situations and relationships – people who have hurt you in the past haven’t ruined you forever – they may have hurt you, but that hurt makes you a stronger person in the long run, much stronger than the person who hurt you will ever be.

2. Ring Off – Beyoncé

My parents split up when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I don’t know all the details, I don’t particularly want to know them all. But I know how my mum says she felt, and I always admire her for her strength to be able to do what she did. Break-ups are horrid, but when you’re unhappy you can’t just stay in that bubble of unhappiness – it’s no good for anyone. Sometimes you just have to get up and start again. An incredibly brave decision. My mum’s strength is an inspiration of mine and this song always reminds me of her strength. “Just know that you’ve got a daughter, who’s so so proud you took the high road.”

1. Gives You Hell – All American Rejects

Though the genre is different to the majority of this list – this must be one of my most played songs. This songs message to be is so so important – it reminds me that my best weapon is to smile. Lets face it, we have all gone through life where there are people who have put us down, hurt us and let us down. But the best thing you can do is smile. Smiling means you’ve won, and all those times you’ve been hurt don’t matter anymore. Because you’re still smiling, they didn’t achieve anything! Just think, those people may look back on your facebook page or think about you and hope you’re living a really horrible life, but a smile makes all the difference, and it certainly proves their spiteful minds wrong! Forget about them – just wear that smile and wear it proud.

Hope you all liked this post! I seriously couldn’t whittle the songs down, but I do have a whole playlist full on Spotify…

Whim xoxo


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