Fighting With Fitness

As part of my journey into trying to bring the life back in my life, I joined the gym! And yesterday was my first Zumba class.

Now, I do go to belly dance classes – I’ve been doing them over a year now and I enjoy them SO much! They are just so fun and crazy, but I’ve always really liked dancing.

So, I bought a gym membership last weekend and decided to start some Zumba classes as well as going swimming. Since they are included in my membership! So, here is what happened.

I had to leave belly dance early by like 10 minutes which made me feel a bit awful, but I was excited to go to Zumba. I speed walked across campus, not realising just how far the sports centre was (20 minutes away from where my belly dance classes are held) and I was already late. I finally reached the centre and came across a woman in our uni sports kit, and she turned to me chewing her gum as if I was really getting on her nerves already! I asked her where the Zumba classes were since I had never been, and she directed me.

I swiped my card and nervously patted through the corridors until I finally reached the “Multi-Purpose Room”.

As I swung the door open, I saw a woman in her 50’s dressed in bright pink with giant golden hooped earrings and a face on her like she was in utter bliss. I had reached the Zumba class. They were all dancing around in a Russian way, but I stood on the side for this dance since I was new. The rather eccentric woman didn’t greet me, but she carried on doing her thing. I joined in on the next dance, it kind of felt like just dance on the Wii to be quite honest (so I was seriously in my comfort zone, the Michael Jackson one is my favourite!)

As we all began copying the vibrant teacher in front of us, I noticed some girls were just doing whatever they felt like. I guess with Zumba, so long as you’re moving you’re having fun and there is no shame in doing so. I began smiling into this first dance, I felt comfortable, and though I didn’t converse with anyone this entire time, it didn’t matter.

As the session carried on I was getting more tired, I could feel my muscles pulling but it was a good feeling. I didn’t worry about how I looked, or even what I did, I just felt like I was in my own little world having fun. It kind of reminded me of jumping around dancing to yourself in your room (does anyone else do that?!) it was such a comfortable feeling – I really enjoyed myself. And though it was late by the time I got home, I felt good for going and I intend on making exercise a regular. I couldn’t stop smiling. 

That in mind, I did so much booty shaking that I’ll be well disappointed if I don’t have a bum like Beyoncé at the end of the semester…

Go and grab those endorphins, and take that step into doing something new no matter how much your body gives you reason not to do it! The fear comes during the build up, but where does it go once we throw ourselves into the scenario?

Whim xoxo


5 thoughts on “Fighting With Fitness

  1. I really do believe keeping fit is a great way to be happy. I have got back in to the gym and it makes me feel more energetic, healthier and more in control x

    1. It is definitely something I should be doing more of anyway, but now I’ve joined the gym I do feel like I am in control and I’m actively fighting my anxiety. It was just so fun! 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good time! Loving your new site design as well! 🙂

    1. Awww! Thank you very much!! I’m glad you like it, and I’m glad you’re reading my blog! Thank you so much 🙂 it was a good time, it certainly made me smile which is the whole point of it! Now to keep going and see if it helps! 🙂

  3. I took one of my old clients to zumba. It was INTENSE. It would have been such a good workout had we kept going each week…. she would make it through about 15 minutes before whining to me that she was tired so we stopped going haha.

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