Daydreamer Challenge Number 1!

Hey there readers! Today, it turns out I’ve made a few blogging errors (darn darn darn darn darn!) The first, I’ll explain in another post which I will post tomorrow. Today, I will post both Day Dreamer Challenge 1 and 2, because I missed both days (double triple quadruple darn) and so here I am. Here is challenge 1, please enjoy it two days late and pretend it isn’t…

Click here to see the original blog post for Challenge 1!

Today’s challenge is to pick a theme, and a picture and write whatever comes to mind from it. My theme is beach, and here is my picture: beach2

I’ll be honest, I picked this photo because I’m terrified of dogs, and the other two photos had dogs in. So I picked the camper van instead so I wouldn’t be staring intently at the photos shaking all over (although, this would actually only be the case if it was really there.)

I’ll stop blabbering now.

So I’m just going to write a little post about beaches and my experiences with beaches growing up, since I’m a life blogger and talk about my life towards impending adulthood, I thought I’d just do a post that was very me.

Growing up I’ve been in love with beaches. Specifically any beach surrounding the Adriatic, as I spend almost every summer on a beach in Croatia somewhere. My family originates from former Yugoslavia, and somehow as a second generation Yugoslavian I ended up in Britain. But we spend a lot of time there seeing my family, and travel all over former Yugoslavia to explore…the beaches.

Yes, we don’t really do sightseeing. But the beaches make me happy enough to spend any free time we have on one. I feel like I can lose myself in thought, relax. The Adriatic sea is something from a fairytale. It’s entirely natural, yet looks like a crystal blue swimming pool to the point where, you can see your feet and the fish swimming around them through the waters. I’ve always grown up loving the pebbles, and for someone with a back problem I actually enjoy sometimes laying a towel flat onto those pebbles and resting my back onto them.

Just thinking back at the smell of the salty sea air and the heat touching me all over – it makes me want to go back more than anything. I get to look forward to this most summers, which is great. But last summer my time on those beaches was wasted as you all know.

I had this gorgeous image of these beaches across Croatia build up since I was young, and yet as my teens begin to come to a close, that image is slightly tarnished.

Last year, the salty smell and the hot pebbles beneath my toes didn’t provide me with the relaxation they normally do. My mind was actually so clouded with negativity, upset and unrest that those beautiful beaches couldn’t even relax me. And so, beaches are important to me for a number of reasons.

Specifically, the beaches in Croatia are my teen memories, my favourite and least favourite place in the world rolled into one. They are wonderful chilled memories, and terrifying memories. It was on a beach in Split last year that I experienced my first ever panic attack due to suffering from anxiety, a problem I wasn’t aware of until I realised what my panic attacks were. That panic attack lead to the severe panic disorder I developed, and lead me to waking up between 3-5 times a night from nocturnal panic attacks. And so my negativity and worries began to make complete sense to me.

I’m yet to have my last panic attack, but though those beaches last year brought me nightmares, they in contrast give me peace, and memories that I will cherish forever. Because hey, they are darn beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my take on the Day Dreamer Challenge. If you fancy taking part, just click here:


And follow Caitlin the Teen Daydreamer’s challenge! (and be better at keeping up with the posts, unlike me!) – Come see her blog HERE!

Thanks a bunch!

Whim xoxo


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