Daydreamer Challenge Number 3!

Hey there lovely people! So, this is daydreamer challenge number 3! again a day late, but I’ll be doing both 3 and 4 tonight so that I’m all caught up. If you’re not sure what the day dreamer challenge is, by Caitlin the daydreamer, come have a look here! Check out my day one and day two posts too.

The third challenge is to talk about a blog you like an explain why.

It’s hard for me to pick one because I’ve found so many recently and have met a tonne of amazing people through blogging. But because my close friend (if not, best friend!) Athena started blogging recently to combat the negative aspects of life and take on board her love for the world of writing, much like myself, I’ll be talking about her.

You may have seen this post referring to her. See, me and Athena happened to meet by complete chance – and if was a good job we both met. She happens to be my only friend in the entirety of the English department at my university, as throughout first year I let my anxiety get the better of me often, and I avoided sitting next to anyone in the fear that they wouldn’t like me.

Athena randomly approached me, and instantly made me feel less alone. Seconds after our first encounter I’d felt like I’d officially made a friend, without realising just how much in common we really had. Athena, or Rapunzel as I like to call her on my blog, is someone who has also had her fair share in mental illness and also found it difficult getting to know new people at the start of university. We found in each other more than what we were hoping to find. I’ve found a best friend who likes Disney, baking, film nights and books, and someone who understands my various annoyances! – and she was most definitely worth the wait.

Although I haven’t met many more on the English side of my course, Rapunzel is all I need, and she came into my life at the right time, just as I came into hers at the right time too.

Come check out her blog Chapter Surviving, and enjoy it! She is so lovely, wonderful, and fun to be around. I think that reflects in her blog – she really is a princess!

I hope you enjoy her blog, and enjoy the initial post of how we came to meet. Other blogs I recommend can be found in this post here!

Remember to check out Caitlin by clicking the thought bubble!


Sometimes it’s just fate!

Whim xoxo


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