Daydreamer Challenge Number 6!

QUESTIONS! This is so cool. Ok. So blogs yesterday (as part of the Daydreamer Challenge) asked some questions, but today is the day we get to answer them! So, in a nutshell, I’ll be answering a few questions as part of the challenge which were by other bloggers (I’ll link them!)

If you don’t know what the Daydreamer Challenge is, please click the bubble below and discover the wonderful daydreamy world of Caitlin, the little daydreamer 🙂


Let the questions commence…

My Question – Can you believe it is coming to the end of the daydreamer challenge?

No, I can’t, for me it’s gone so quick because I’ve been doing two a day! I’m actually quite sad it’s ending – what am I going to write about now!?!?!?

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favourite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?

Absolutely. I get nervous very easily. My favourite bloggers at the moment would have to be Quayla, Lonely Little Acorn or Random Ramblings. My favourite bloggers change so often, because you get to meet some amazing people through blogging! But I’d be nervous – it’s scary meeting anyone for the first time!

Bubbakavangha – How do you describe your mind?

A very horrible, complicated yet fabulous place.

But I Smile Anyway– Would you like one of your posts to go viral?

Yes, because I’d like to experience it and see what it’s like. And no, because it would terrify the hell out of me!

Silver Sparkling Stories – What’s your biggest fear?

I have far too many…here. But my current biggest fear is not being able to have a family.

A Random Person Called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post?

Nervous. I really didn’t know what to write, I planned it so so much, even though it didn’t need it. I guess it was because I new I was finally making the commitment in starting a blog. That was it!

One Sip At A Time – What’s your favourite phone app?

Headspace! If you don’t know what it is, check out this post here!

K.E Wilson – Where do you draw your inspiration?

Kim Cattrall’s book ‘Being A Girl’, Disney Movies and my Mother and Grandmother, Emma Watson, Beyonce – there is most likely more. Inspirational, kind, loving and happy women!

Lrod’s Blog – Would you rather have your blog go viral or keep t as it is (small audience)?

Keep it as it is. I’m proud of it as it is. Sure, going viral would be cool, it would solve my problem with what on earth I’m going to do with myself when I eventually graduate – but it keeps me happy and smiling everyday from the way it is now, so the change isn’t necessary 🙂

Gess Pressing Words – What is the most awkward situation you’ve ever been in?

I’ve been in way too many. Here is one. Here is another one. And then there is this one. Then all the others I’m saving for you all after my 20th Birthday – keep posted, on the 12th of May my blog will make a big change…

Sophie Speaks Up – If you could have someone’s blog for a month, whose blog would it be?

Why would I want anyone else’s blog? I’m not sure. Does that mean being them for a day? What would I do with someone else’s blog?! D:

Rogue Vogue – If you were to re-write the dictionary for the year 2030, what one word would you like to change the description of, and why?

Feminism. I wouldn’t change it, It’s perfect the way it is. I’d just make the writing a lot bigger, and the definition even bigger. Maybe double page spread so that less people are confused by what being a feminist actually means.

Annemarie & Life – What is your favourite part of the day? (could be a time or an activity etc.)

I’d say definitely around 11pm, where I’m usually lay in bed writing blog posts or reading, snuggled up cosily. Or even when I wake in the morning but don’t have to get up, and I read.

Edwina’s Episodes – Have you ever taken down a post because it offended someone?

I have. Not someone through the blogging world. But I’ve deleted two posts now. I deleted one because, well I don’t know why. I like the post, and I feel like I have a right to say it. I just got scared. I felt like I was being bitchy, but really it was just my upset on how an old best friend of mine made me feel uncomfortable to the point where we don’t speak anymore. Then I have another one about an old friend, who I now consider to be the worlds biggest douchebag for being a selfish misogynist who merely wanted to try getting in my pants, and used our friendship to attempt to do so, while I was with my current boyfriend. Of course, nothing ever came of it, but I was angry and wrote a rude angry post about it. I will never forgive that old friend, for I don’t usually offer second chances. But I hope my lack of forgiveness teaches my old friend a lesson, and he can learn to be a better person for it. He was a good friend, when he wasn’t trying to take things way too far.

As for my random spoon question on my previous post, I use a big spoon. But I used to be a baby spoon person.

Now, it’s about time I went to bed, I have to get up early tomorrow for church as it’s my Easter Sunday! And my Mum has already told me to go to bed twice…

Goodnight! See you all tomorrow!

Whim xoxo


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