Realising Something BIGGER: The Understand Me Award

Hey all you lovely readers! I just wanted to say a great big massive thank you to you all. Why? Because my ‘Understand Me’ award is going awesomely and is putting a smile on my face. But something else too…

Namely, I read the following Understand Me posts: QUAYLACHEERS & EDGE OF NIGHT.

And these two lovely girls made me realise something really special. You see, although the understand me award is supposed to be focussed on mental illness, these two girls have stretched this out and have made me realise something further I want to share with you all.

Being misunderstood isn’t just a problem within the mental health field, it’s in life.

I hope more people take on the same route these ladies took, because not only did they discuss mental illness but they discussed misunderstanding in general. Which I think is incredibly special and important. I too was misunderstood often at school, and still feel like I sometimes am amongst the friends I live with, my parents and others. I remember being at school, and people thinking I was strange. A lot. I guess I am, but what these girls pointed out is that the understand me award can raise awareness with that too.

I think this is also important, because this is where anxiety begins in my opinion. Certainly social anxiety and depression. When you feel like everyone that looks at you and talks to you is against you, or they are doing it entirely openly as a bullying/picking/make fun of gesture, this can actually cause serious damage to people.

The nasty words of others can make us miserable. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share. I’m sure I’ve written a post about it before, but I’m sure when my teen stories become my blog theme after my 20th Birthday it’ll open this up further. But it’s merely because we are misunderstood, not the norm if you will.

I’m here to tell you there is no norm. Everyone is so so completely different, and we need to embrace that, not make that person feel miserable. All that does is send them down a negative spiral, but makes us a nasty negative human being. I can’t explain enough how important it is to embrace the differences of others, it’s something I’m also really strong about.

So if you’re wanting to take part in the award, I fully encourage you to all talk about being misunderstood more openly as well as mental illness. Because altogether, misunderstanding is something we should battle alongside the stigma behind mental illness. Because being misunderstood is commonly where this all starts.

Very serious note there, but I was very touched by this all tonight. I really hope I make a difference, even if only a little one. That’s good enough for me 🙂

Goodnight inspirationals, I’ll see you soon once I’ve got some more work done. I’ll try not to get too distracted! Remember to post a comment about someone’s understand me post because I’m so useless with technology! (Whim you’re 19, get a grip!) I promise i’ll learn. Remember to use #understandme, #understandmeaward or tag with similar tags so I can find you! (somehow!)

Keep smiling,

Whim xoxo


1 thought on “Realising Something BIGGER: The Understand Me Award

  1. This is so true 🙂 there is no norm to a person and everyone should be aware and celebrate how unique they are because it’s being unique that makes us all special. Misunderstanding is such a difficult thing as it comes under so many factors like prejudice, racism, sexism and all those other touchy topics, but I suppose it’s how we approach those difficult subjects that makes all the difference to understanding and accepting a person x

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