Let’s Talk about Mental Health

Another Great post! Give this girl a big read 🙂 she is adorable – she hasn’t been following me long but I love a new follower. I love reading their blog and finding out what they’re all about! I’m so grateful someone so new to my blog has taken this on. Thank you so much Storyteller! 🙂

The Storyteller

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Hey guys!

The other day I re-blogged a post from Whim’s blog, about understanding Mental Health. I personally don’t suffer from any anxieties, or depression or anything like that, but I do sometimes panic about small things. Sometimes I can get over them really quickly, and other times I need to just stop and try to calm down- but I don’t actually have panic attacks… if that makes sense. You’re probably thinking “Well everyone panics about something every now and then”, which is kind of the point I’m trying to make. A lot of people don’t think these things to be very severe, because they have also experienced something like that before. Except it’s not like that at all. Mental health is something much more serious and complicated.

I have a friend who has suffers from anxiety. I’m not going to go into it in too much detail, but I’ve…

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