Ilcsi Organic Skin Care Review: Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer

Ilcsi Organic Skin Care, whom I reviewed a while ago now (you can check out that post > here! <) were kind enough to send me some lovely goodies in the post! So, I thought I’d show you guys what they have to offer. So, here is the first product I’m going to talk about from the package: the Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer! Check out their website >here<!

Some background:- Ilcsi Organic Skin Care are a brand whom originate from Hungary, and have the most adorable back story I’ve ever seen to a brand! You can read all about Aunt Ilcsi here! And see how she developed a company, where just 30 people manufacture 140 different kinds of natural skin care products, full of herbs, fruits and vegetables – meaning it’s beautifully natural and kind to those with harsh chemical sensitive skin! Ilsci do not test on animals, products are also free from artificial colouring, parabens parrafin oil and synthetic ingredients.

I love the brand because personally, when you’re a teen and you have a face mask night with the girls (and boys!) and you buy those nice looking 99p face masks from Superdrug, it kinda ruins the fun when you have to run to the bathroom and wash the stuff off your face because you’re burning. I don’t have that with Ilsci. Their flavonoid face mask sample in December’s Birchbox was the second time in my life (the first, was Simple’s face mask.) where I’d used a face mask and my skin didn’t burn! Not only that, it smelt gorgeous and made my face so unbelievably soft. I felt happy and rejuvenated I’d finally found something that worked for me. So when I contacted them about offering to review some more of their products, you can imagine I was over the moon when I received a package through the post!

So, without further waffling, let’s get talking about the Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer…

The Product:- 30ml pot of Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer. “For water and vitamin deficient skin, regenerating, hydrating and vitamin charging. Due to the fruit acids and sugars of sour cherry and blackthorn, this whip moisturizer is hydrating, regenerating and nourishing as well. When using the cherry fragrance reminds us of the finest sour cherry flavour, so from now on face care not only pampers your skin but also your nose. With regular use the skin becomes alive, glowing and silky.”


I love the packaging. It looks incredibly sweet yet sophisticated, the pot really does make you feel like you own something very special. This was the largest item I received, and it was nicely packaged in a box, to which I’ve kept it in. But without the box, it is a lovely circular glass container with the Ilsci logo imprinted on the top. The design is simplistic, but like I said, It really does make you feel like you own something rather special and premium branded!


This consistency is magical! It feels very creamy, but gel like at the same time. The best part of the consistency is that regardless of what you use, it returns to its normal state afterwards! So basically, I could take a bit from the pot, I can then open it later with the contents looking like it was the first time it had been open all over again. It definitely is an interesting consistency, and unlike most moisturizers it definitely doesn’t retain a stickiness to it. It does only so very slightly, but you won’t feel the need to rub any excess product away on a tissue or wash your hands. It soaks into your skin almost instantly, and doesn’t leave you waiting for it to dry. It does sometimes feel like part of it is sitting on top of the skin rather than sinking in, but I believe this is because of how quickly it begins to sink in initially before the excess sitting on top slowly sinks in. A little really goes a long way, you literally need just a scoop using your index finger and that is enough to cove the face. Barely any stickiness at all, and it sinks in.


I definitely feel hydrated after using this product. My skin feels much smoother and softer, and much less dry. With a moisturizer, I am desperate for a product that will hydrate the dry patches of my skin and make it feel smoother. Having spot prone skin, it’s an incredibly difficult challenge as my face often feels quite bumpy and not very nice, so a nice moisturizer is definitely a must. This one is lovely. It doesn’t irritate my spot prone skin, which is VERY important! (I had a nightmare a few weeks ago where my spots went a bit mental, remember that over twitter? I was worried it was this moisturizer. But it wasn’t. It was a new makeup remover I had been using, I won’t name names as different products work with different people, but it definitely ruined the texture of my skin for a while!) However, this product certainly helped restore that feel good factor to my skin where it was soft, plump and no longer irritated. I feel like this has a lot to do with the vitamins within it, which could be quite beneficial to irritated skin I can imagine! It does initially sink in quickly and leaves a slight feeling that part of the product sits on top of the skin, however the softness of the skin comes into play after around 15-20 minutes, as it restores vitamins into your skin that it could have been deficient of! However, the hydration and smoothness of the skin isn’t difficult to recognise when you first apply the product to the skin.


Let’s be blunt here. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know smell is important to me. Personally, I love the smell. It’s fruity but also kind of marzipan like which I LOVE. However the marzipan wears off and leaves your skin smelling very fruity, but it’s more of an apparent but subtle musky fruit smell than a sweet overpowering fruit smell. I’m a huge MASSIVE fan of the smell, anything that leaves my skin smelling this good is already a winner for me.

Final Thoughts:-

Overall, I really love the product. However, its something I use more for over night and instant morning, rather than a makeup base moisturizer. Although it is light, I feel it’s dense enough for a deep hydration treatment to really wake up the plumpness of your skin, rather than to just simply use as a base for makeup. In this sense, it’s more of a hydrating treatment to the skin than an everyday makeup base moisturizer. The lightness of the product is more noticeable once you’ve allowed it to sink in. It’s a very special looking, feeling and smelling product to own so I’m incredibly grateful they sent it to me! The best and most attractive part of the product is it’s use of herbs, fruits and vegetables which goes for all of the Ilsci products. I think that aspect definitely makes it seem super special, and best of all PERFECT for sensitive skin. I can count on Ilcsi to produce moisturizers as well as face masks that are 100% irritation free for my skin personally, and leave me feeling special and pampered with a dose of connection to nature! With regular use, I’m left with stroke worthy lovely soft smooth skin (yes, you will be constantly stroking your skin after use!) which smells gorgeous and feels plumper and tighter. So if you’re looking for something special with a dose of nature which is free of harsh unnatural ingredients and great for easily irritated skin – do not look any further! It does have an expiration date due to the organic additions to the product, so do be aware.

Time it took to sink in FULLY: 15 – 20 (Just for that sitting on the top feeling to disappear but the bulk of the product sinks in almost instantly.)

Price: £40


Screenshot 2015-06-07 20.22.09

Ingredients included in the packaging, including use by date and a leaflet involving other useful information. 

*Ilcsi do not test on animals, products are also free from artificial colouring, parabens parrafin oil and synthetic ingredients.*

Check out Ilcsi’s website >here< for other products and info! The remaining two products will have reviews to come, so keep your eyes peeled. Toodlepip! 

Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.32.14

Ilcsi sent me these products at their own will, and the review is entirely honest to my own experience with the product over the course of over a month and did not urge a positive review. Big thanks and respect to Ilcsi Organic Skin Care for contributing to my blog! 🙂


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