Ilcsi Organic Skincare Review: Apricot Gel Mask

For some context, take a look at this post > here! < where I reviewed Ilcsi’s Whip Moisturizer! As part of a package I got a while ago from Ilcsi, I received this Apricot Gel Mask in a miniature sample!

Some background:- Ilcsi Organic Skin Care are a brand whom originate from Hungary, and have the most adorable back story I’ve ever seen to a brand! You can read all about Aunt Ilcsi here! And see how she developed a company, where just 30 people manufacture 140 different kinds of natural skin care products, full of herbs, fruits and vegetables – meaning it’s beautifully natural and kind to those with harsh chemical sensitive skin! Ilsci do not test on animals, products are also free from artificial colouring, parabens parrafin oil and synthetic ingredients.

I love the brand because personally, when you’re a teen and you have a face mask night with the girls (and boys!) and you buy those nice looking 99p face masks from Superdrug, it kinda ruins the fun when you have to run to the bathroom and wash the stuff off your face because you’re burning. I don’t have that with Ilsci. Their flavonoid face mask sample in December’s Birchbox was the second time in my life (the first, was Simple’s face mask.) where I’d used a face mask and my skin didn’t burn! Not only that, it smelt gorgeous and made my face so unbelievably soft. I felt happy and rejuvenated I’d finally found something that worked for me. So when I contacted them about offering to review some more of their products, you can imagine I was over the moon when I received a package through the post!

So, without further waffling, let’s get talking about the Apricot Gel Mask…

The Product:- Sample size of the Apricot Gel Mask. “The apricot has long been one of the most popular Hungarian fruits, there is no housewife who have not, at least once, made apricot jam. Besides its delicious taste, it is also popular for its high flavonoid and vitamin content. Its wonderful flavours, fruit sugar, fruit acids and pectines are all sources of youth, making nearly all skin types beautiful. It is an excellent choice for the non-sensitive, oil-, water- and vitamin deficient skin.”


The packaging is as said in this review of the Sour Cherry and Blackthorn Whip Moisturizer, very well presented and makes you feel like you own something special. Of course, this is only a sample sized pot so naturally it is nowhere near as heavy or large compared to the moisturizer, but it still stands that it is a lovely packaging for this type of product. You can scoop out the mask to apply, and I love that! It really lets you get stuck in, and a little goes a long way. Even the sample pots were very handy to keep around for travel when my skin desperately needed a buzz!


The apricot mask is a thick yet jam like consistency in a bright yet natural orange colour (which may I add, doesn’t tint your face! Don’t worry! It just makes you look a little tanned whilst it’s on ;)). It’s different to normal masks because it does genuinely kinda feel like you have a pot of apricot jam in front of you and you’re applying the jam to your face! That’s possibly the best way to describe the consistency! It isn’t quite smooth, and it has a few but not many bits in it, but it is easy to slide over your skin. But, I think this gives the product a more natural feel, and not so elasticy and artificial compared to a lot of face masks on the market. It lets you appreciate the natural organic addition to the product, and though it may feel quite strange, it is very refreshing to feel like the consistency of a product is very natural. Rather than altered into a sticky plasticy rubbery stuff! So I really enjoyed feeling like I was applying jam to my skin (as weird as that sounds!) I just felt like a messy kid at lunchtime, it was fab! This natural feel to the mask is definitely an interesting bonus!

Hydration (Including Smell and Flavonoid Comparison):-

My skin definitely felt hydrated, although since I received it alongside the Flavonoid Extra mask, I can’t help feeling like I was comparing the two to each other (and the Flavonoid won!). The reason being is that although this mask hydrates well, my skin felt soft, supple and lovely, the Flavonoid Extra does all of those things x10! But the apricot is definitely lovely for the smell, and I think if you want something rather hydrating that has a nice smell, this is definitely the right mask. As the main reason I would choose this product over the Flavonoid is that the Flavonoid does smell like christmas and marzipan (although I’m a fan of marzipan, some are not!) so if you have a big preference on smells, and don’t like marzipan, this is a fantastic smelling product which will supply your skin with some deep hydration and no dryness after application. But if you want your skin feeling unbelievably incredible, the Flavonoid definitely beats this mask, even though this mask isn’t far off.

Final Thoughts:-

I feel like I can’t help but compare this product to the Flavonoid mask I once reviewed (and received again in this package, so I shall be reviewing it again!!!) The smell is amazing, and so is the consistency. It feels like you’re actually coating your face in apricot jam, and although that sounds quite strange it is actually very satisfying! It feels like the product is super organic and natural and there is no burning or irritation (and I have sensitive skin when it comes to masks!). It is a lovely feeling even putting on this mask, and although it feels quite thick when scooping the product out, a little goes a long way and there isn’t any need to put too much on your face to experience sensational skin once you wash it away. Skin is left feeling soft, supple and hydrated with no dryness – BUT – personally out of the two I preferred the flavonoid extra mask. Although this one has a lot of wow factor in terms of how wonderful my skin feels after application, the flavonoid is just insanely amazing when it comes to results and you feel like you have the softest, cleanest skin in the world afterwards! So although I like this mask, I’d recommend it if you were someone who was picky about smells and loved apricot. It smells delicious and sweet, but since I’m also a lover of marzipan I’m personally all about the Flavonoid mask. But the point still stands – Ilcsi make the best face masks I’ve ever tried ever! So if you fancy a non-irritable face mask which will seriously shock you with how wonderful your skin looks and feels afterwards, Ilcsi is the place to go shopping.

Seriously – If those £1 masks have your skin looking red like mine, along with every other face mask on the market, you will not regret forking out for an Ilcsi face mask. The job they do is surely only capable of magical wizards, yet they’ve done it. And the best thing: it’s all completely organic! Score!


Screenshot 2015-06-27 23.27.08

Ingredients included in the packaging, including use by date and a leaflet involving other useful information. 

*Ilcsi do not test on animals, products are also free from artificial colouring, parabens parrafin oil and synthetic ingredients.*

Check out Ilcsi’s website >here< for other products and info! The remaining two products will have reviews to come, so keep your eyes peeled. See y’all soon! 

Screenshot 2015-05-14 19.32.14

Ilcsi sent me these products at their own will, and the review is entirely honest to my own experience with the product over the course of over a month and did not urge a positive review. Big thanks and respect to Ilcsi Organic Skin Care for contributing to my blog! 🙂


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