Falling In Love With Our Imagination.

Today is my WordPress Anniversary. Around 2 years this blog has been drifting on the internet now, and it was only some time last year (earlier than now) that I decided to finally stop drafting and actually make something of this blog. Here it is 2 years later. My little space on the internet that keeps me smiling every time I turn to it. So here is a post to celebrate.

The idea of falling in love with our imagination comes very deeply from my own experiences. In love, in relationships, in career ideas and craft ideas and so much more. It comes to the point where I actually fall in love with what could potentially come along, than what I currently have or the journey of actually doing it. Sounds stupid, but I’m sure I’m not alone and I know it’s a huge unrecognisable barrier sometimes.

I fall in love with the idea that one day, these old band t-shirts of mine are going to become a blanket. So I store them away. Alongside the other 2 bin bags of clothes I thought I’d one day turn into something wonderful. My love for the future and my imagination of what could be actually made me a hoarder. Not severely, but a hoarder. Now that I’ve finally sorted through my stuff and chucked a tonne of my things away, it’s given me only more room for actually accepting and loving what I have.

Now we get onto relationships…

Throughout relationships in my life I fall in love with what it could be more often than the person itself. You could take my dad for example, who I love, but mostly on the idea that the relationship could be wonderful one day. Rather than accepting what it currently is.

And the same goes for boys. Even with my current boyfriend. But he happens to be the person who made me realise my mistakes. Soon after we were an item at the age of 15, I found myself day dreaming about what we could be. What our kids could be called. The house we would live in. The pets we would have. Where we would live. All those details. Until I had the plan in my head, and I became so in love with it it pressured him into thinking he wasn’t good enough. Because although I was off living out my imagination in my head, what I forgot was the simple notion of: What if it doesn’t turn out like that? It was to a point I was so in love with the idea of our future, he was wondering whether he would disappoint me one day, or not live up to my expectations. Now, I know that those things wouldn’t need to happen to make me happy, because he already does! But he just didn’t know it after I’d been forgetting to love reality – who knows how he would have felt if I kept on like this. I felt awful knowing I’d made him feel like this, just from daydreaming my way through life. Making plans and falling in love with those plans. But those plans are so so difficult to let go of that you need to be careful how in love with them you become.

For me, it wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of discussion and a long time.

I’d say now, I’m definitely a ‘lets ride the wind’ type of girl. And that makes me happy. You can have ideas and plans, but don’t fall in love with them to the point where they’re final. It can all only make you wonder that sometimes it is actually possible to day dream far too much. You could wind up hurting people, as well as yourself.

Nothing is ever final. Life is ever changing. It’s ok to be in love, but it’s much less painful to love the present rather than the future. That means that you’re loving the present with all that you have, and not what the present could turn out to be. It could save you tonnes of decisions, and even heartbreak, and I can assure you: No matter how scared you may feel about letting go of those plans to live in a cottage by the sea with Mr. Right, it’s only right if you know your love for Mr. Right is more than just what your future could turn out to be. Because, nobody can plan or predict so precisely.

The mistake of falling in love with our imagination more than what is our current reality is so so common, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our imagination can be a beautiful place, and we use it to inspire us, help us walk into the depths of our mind and picture what words on books would look like. But it is also super important to remember that when it comes to mistaking reality for our imagination, we can actually wind up getting rather lost and not necessarily making the most of our lives in the reality, because we spend so much time getting lost in what we want our reality to be like.

It doesn’t mean you can’t dream or think about it. My mind wanders to new ideas everyday. It just means you’re a lot more free than what you previously let yourself be. In all aspects of your life, and your future.

Here’s to whatever happens!

Whim xoxo



6 thoughts on “Falling In Love With Our Imagination.

  1. I feel like I’m definitely in love with my future rather than my present. It’s so hard not to be when I’m feeling stuck. It must be kind of unhealthy to constantly be thinking ahead instead of enjoying what’s going on right now…. but how can I stop it?

    1. It’s difficult. Think of it as falling out of love. The most common way to do it is to love something else more. So it’s a case of learning to love reality and finding ways in which your reality is ultimately better – make sense?
      Our imagination is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong – I write a lot and it’s my main pal when it comes to writing! But sometimes when it comes to my own life it sometimes gets so detailed it’s way too far πŸ˜›

      1. I definitely need to learn to love reality for sure. I think it’s starting to grow for me, whether I am spending time reading on the deck or shopping at the farmer’s market for fresh veggies. I have definitely learned to appreciate being alone over the past month or so- my new roommate is in a very unhealthy relationship (see my newest post- “touch”) – and not to be mean but it is very informative to see it from the outside. I am starting to see a few of my friends be in really unhealthy relationships and unfortunately it makes me appreciate being single so much more! which is really sad, but I would rather be alone than be lied to, yelled at, cheated on, etc. The more I accommodate my favorite hobbies into my day, the better I feel. I think steering clear of the guys my friends choose to date, the guys who aren’t good guys I mean, will really help me to keep a level head about it all.. who knows…

  2. This is SO amazing & inspiring! πŸ‘ Very touching too, because I basically live in my imagination. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And I think that’s what throws a lot of us off – Paying so much mind on the future instead of trying to make living in the now a success.πŸ’― Thanks for the advice, Whim! πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

    1. Hehe! No problem πŸ˜€ that’s the thing. I really used to too. Really bad! But it’s exactly what comes in the way, and you almost convince yourself that that imagination is final. You can’t tell what’s going to happen. You don’t know you’ll have twins and what you’ll name them. You don’t know how exactly your career and job is going to pan out to influence where you live. But if you fall in love with it so much, you begin to forget what you love about reality. And get hurt when you remember that change happens. So when something changes, you’ll only get super upset because you’re so attached to that idea that you conjured within your imagination. But you just need to accept and remember: it’s just your imagination, and reality and it’s uncertainty is actually a good thing πŸ™‚

      1. Couldn’t have said it any better! Gosh, you’re inspiring! xD

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