Womanly Ways – Random 250 words (another poor excuse for my 500 words a day)

Yesterday was international woman’s day, and to celebrate I watched my favourite speech regarding feminism. It’s by Chimamanda – I’m sure you’ll know it, if not, no worries, the youtube link is right here and you can buy the speech on amazon in book form. The thing is, it’s almost as if international woman’s day came to me as a blessing, like I needed to revisit that speech to understand current life situations and make a decision. And then I realised, I needed reminding of so many things I should have already known.

  1. To be happy, and to not listen to the social stereotypes of my being, but to take charge in achieving what I want in life and what I know is going to make me happy.
  2. I don’t need to have anyone give me my happiness, but true happiness only comes from myself. If I can find happiness in myself and on my own without relying on anyone else, I can achieve the happiness I’ve been yearning for.
  3. I am deserving of respect.
  4. I am only as powerful as I make myself and let myself to be.
  5. I shouldn’t ever hide my anger, because I’m a woman and I should think it important to be liked by others.

It’s about time I didn’t just remember this every so often, but made it a life change to know it. And I believe others should, too.  Don’t settle for being in pain, and cracking. Settle for realising and then harnessing happiness while you still can.

Whim xoxo


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