I write, purely because I love to and I can. If a post has been sponsored, I will made it VERY clear. I will also make it clear if I have been sent certain items by the brand themselves. Otherwise, if it isn’t written anywhere, chances are that the posts written about products and apps and books and whatever else I write about, are purely because I went out and bought them/tried them with my own money and felt like writing about it. .

Every post on this blog is written by me, unless it has clearly been reblogged or I’ve openly and clearly stated that it isn’t. A lot of the pictures/images/illustrations are my own too and have been done by myself, but some of my earlier blog post images do contain random ones I found on the internet. If you fancy using an image or even a post of mine, please message me first or I’ll feel really disheartened :(.

Everyone is different. So although I talk a lot about anxiety, controlling panic attacks, products I like and dislike – everyone is different! You don’t truly know what works unless you try it. I am just here to recommend things that might help you as they help me. I can’t be the sole guiding light – there are things even I haven’t tried yet. So understand that not everything I recommend will work for you. This also connects with disagreement. I’ll always be 100% honest about everything here! That means I’ll try finding negative sides to things so that there is a balanced review of a product. Please understand, this is because of my personal values with regards to honesty.

I’m a very strong person when it comes to values and beliefs, and so certain opinions could be disagreed with and you may not like having a negative side exposed about your product. But know I’m only trying to help, and it’s ok to disagree, that’s what freedom of speech is for! Ultimately, I don’t want my honesty to offend anyone, and I’m always up for a chat. Just contact me, I want my blog to be a lovely happy experience for everyone! It means a lot to me, so contacting me would help me as well as yourself if you’re offended by my personal opinions.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions, values and beliefs, but this doesn’t mean I’ll allow negativity, offensiveness or unnecessarily nasty things being commented on this blog. I will remove them, because they’re just not worth the hassle! If you have an issue, talk to me about it. The internet can be a scary place, and I don’t want my blog to be a place of scariness!

Please do enjoy my blog, I hope you all understand! I’m sorry this is so serious and scary sounding ! It’s just me attempting to be an adult. 😉 Please smile widely, and enjoy it! 🙂

Lots of love,

Whim xoxo


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