The Mindful ‘Tool Belt’

In deep conversation, a close friend of mine made this comment about the way I have acted throughout my mental health journey. He told me it was as though I had created my own tool belt of things that keep me happy, and that whenever I feel my mental health slipping, I have this tool belt to refer to. Thanks Aaron, this section was inspired by you!

If you hover your quirky self over the tool belt section of the home bar, you’ll see a few drop downs of different sections. These are a few things from my mindful tool belt, that I wanted to share with you. These are essentially my outlets of what keeps my mental health at bay. My own passions are not the same as everyone else’s. But, perhaps, this could ignite something inside you that is telling you to dig out a passion, obsess over a new one, or obtain another, in order to combat and control your own mental health.

Hobbies are so important, and in my head, one of the five most important elements of keeping a happy head.

Now go ahead and enjoy yourself! This section of the blog means an awful lot to me, and was such a pleasure to make! *jumps up with big dimply grin in excessive excitement*

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